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Winery tour

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Waiheke Island

Located just 35 minutes by ferry from central Auckland, Waiheke Island is also known as 'Auckland's Jewel'.
The fertile volcanic soil thrives on rich grapes and produces the finest wines.

You can take a winery tour, but rent a bike at the ferry terminal and explore the wineries at your own pace.

You can go around. It is also recommended to go around on the circulation bus while checking the time on your smartphone.

Get a map from the tourist information at the ferry terminal and start! !

New Zealand has lax regulations on drunken driving, so there are also rental cars! !



You can do wine tasting and the view from the restaurant is the best! !

It is also recommended to take out and eat while lying on the lawn.

Many wineries have restaurants, wine tasting,

You can enjoy delicious meals.


This winery is also built on a hill, overlooking the sea and the atmosphere is great! !

It's like getting lost in the Mediterranean Sea.

You can also enjoy wine tasting and buy souvenirs here.

Not only wine, but also olive oil is recommended.

Waiheke Island has 25 wineries. Since it is difficult to visit wineries in one day,

Why don't you stay at a beach resort and enjoy it slowly for 2 days? ?

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