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Bespoke trip -Tailor-made trip -

We will create a trip that suits you.

We will make a proposal while listening to your purpose, what you want to do, how you spend your time, your budget, and your wishes.

Overseas travel, domestic travel, group travel, employee travel, group travel


Experience?-You do not have this experience? ? -

I want to travel as a group, but everyone's wishes are so different that they can't get together! !

I became a travel secretary, but I don't know what to do! !

Since it's a big deal, I want to make a plan that will make you say oh! !

We have a company trip every year, but many employees don't participate! ! ⇨for now. Let's ask Leis! !


Business travel -Business Travel -

Employee training, air ticket arrangements, hotel arrangements, local arrangements

Visa application agent

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