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Travel agency agreement (custom-order planning travel contract)

Company name Leis Co., Ltd.

(Scope of application)
First article

The contract concerning custom-ordered tours (hereinafter referred to as "custom-ordered tour contract") entered into by the Company with the traveler shall be governed by these terms and conditions. Matters not stipulated in this contract shall be governed by laws and ordinances or generally established customs.


2. If the Company concludes a special agreement in writing to the extent that it does not violate the law and is not disadvantageous to travelers, that special agreement will take precedence, regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

(Definition of terms)


Article 2

In these terms and conditions, the term "Order-Organized Tour" means that, at the request of the traveler, A travel plan that specifies the amount of the travel fee to be paid to a traveler and that is carried out according to this plan.


2. In this agreement, "domestic travel" refers to travel within Japan only, and "overseas travel" refers to travel other than domestic travel.


3. In this section, "communications contract" means a contract between a card member of a credit card company affiliated with the Company (hereinafter referred to as "affiliated company") and an application by telephone, mail, facsimile, the Internet or other means of communication. In the case of a make-to-order organized travel contract that is concluded after receipt, the claims or obligations related to the travel fee, etc. based on the made-to-order planned travel contract held by the Company against the traveler shall be fulfilled on or after the date on which the said claims or obligations are to be fulfilled. The traveler consents in advance to payment in accordance with the card membership agreement of the affiliated company stipulated separately, and the travel fee, etc. of the custom-ordered planning tour contract is paid in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 2, the second part of Article 16, paragraph 1, It means a made-to-order planning travel contract with the content of payment by the method specified in Article 19, paragraph 2.


4. The term "card usage day" as used in these terms and conditions means the day on which the traveler or the Company should pay the tour price, etc. or fulfill the refund obligation based on the custom-ordered tour contract.

(Contents of travel contract)


Article 3

In a custom-ordered tour contract, the Company will provide transportation, accommodation, and other travel-related services (hereinafter referred to as "Travel Services") provided by transportation and accommodation facilities, etc., according to the itinerary specified by the Traveler. We undertake to arrange and manage the itinerary so that you can receive it.


(arrangement agent)

Article 4

In fulfilling the custom-ordered tour contract, the Company may entrust all or part of the arrangements to other travel agencies, persons who make arrangements as a business, or other assistants in Japan or outside Japan.

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