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Corporate philosophy

our mission



"Total Produce Your Own Trip"

We cherish the thoughts of each person and offer a plan to make your dreams come true.Our mission is to create and deliver the perfect trip according to your budget.


" Bonds with people around the world "

The travel industry has a role to connect people and people, and people and communities.

By connecting those bonds, I would like to create a co-created world. As a travel professional, we provide the true enjoyment of travel,I would like to form bonds with people all over the world.

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"Do you have any worries??"

●I have a place I want to go, but I can't find a tour

●If you take a package tour, you will be taken shopping and your valuable time will be wasted.

● If you're going to travel, the standard is fine, but you want to experience something different from other people.

Leis will produce a time at the destination that suits you.

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